Having twenty Five years of experience in the area, CZL owns a specialized professional team who performs import and export process from the moment of colleting the  goods from the supplier/exporter until the distribution in domestic market.

CZL prepares workable studies with estimated spreadsheets that identifies the best routes and transportation options, assisting in tariff classification, instructing their clients in issuing documents such as pro-formas; commercial invoices; origin certificates and Bill of Landings/AWB, in order to reduce costs. 

The Company also offers importation used goods; consultancy in tributary and fiscal area; registration process and authorization in government agencies such as ANVISA, MAPA, DECEX, among others. CZL priority is provides service with rapid response in all stages of the process. The goods collection; transport; insurance; nationalization and final delivery at destination are daily managed and monitored by a specialized team in foreign trade.


Mission CZL


Provide a differential service in international trade based on effective communication, assertiveness and rapidity.

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